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Chris’s approach to documenting a wedding day is to be completely discreet.  He respects the environment of a wedding day—not only for both of you, but also for your guests.  Generally, no one will even know they are being filmed.

Chris believes that through his relaxed approach, he is able to provide the most natural, intimate, and emotive results.

He uses small, silent cameras.  You want your wedding day to be captured, but not feel like it is being interrupted.  Chris dresses the part and blends in.  There’s no direction, posing, or cameras pointed in faces.  In stripping all this away, the focus remains on what is most important:  creating a lasting legacy of memories using natural light and real cinematic techniques.

He loves getting to know his couples, hearing their stories, and capturing their day.  Each time the story is completely unique, and Chris can’t wait to tell yours.

His innovative and quiet approach to wedding day cinematography along with his natural story-telling ability and truly affordable pricing have led him to be one of the most sought after wedding day filmmakers throughout the midwest.

His ultimate goal is to create a film that not only tells a story, but also becomes a tangible reminder of the feelings and chemistry shared between a bride and groom.  Chris would love to think that his movies have some kind of lasting, positive effect on the marriages and lives of the couples he films.

He resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his amazing wife.

Cell:  402.730.4084

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