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Chris Moravec Cinematography

Chris loves wedding days and has a true passion for wedding day filmmaking.  He believes the best wedding day films are really just as much about the people involved and their emotions as they are about the actual events themselves.

His philosophy in filming a wedding day is a simple, yet often overlooked one:  Follow your heart.  True wedding day cinematography and video journalism is all about capturing life the way your heart sees it.  When you shoot from your heart, your work will always be your own; something no one else can copy.

Chris strives to capture the inner beauty of people by focusing on the little things that attract others to them.  He prefers to shoot with all natural light whenever possible because it preserves the natural dimension and contrast in a scene.  Chris believes in using a discrete, unobtrusive approach.  He quite often uses the telephoto lens because it allows him to be far enough away to avoid drawing attention to himself, but close enough to clearly capture the moment.  The result is a rich composition of real moments enjoyed by real people–creating a wedding day movie that is modern yet timeless, both elegant and simple.

He constantly looks for angles that include people in the background who are watching the subject with emotion on their faces.  The right background can dramatically increase the power of a scene.  Creatively, the extraordinary is found within the ordinary.

Chris’s innovative and quiet approach to wedding day cinematography along with his natural story-telling ability and truly affordable pricing have led him to be one of the most sought after wedding day filmmakers throughout the midwest.

His ultimate goal is to create a movie that not only tells a story, but also becomes a tangible reminder of the feelings and chemistry shared between a bride and groom.  Chris would love to think that his movies have some kind of lasting, positive effect on the marriages and lives of the couples he films.

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