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Every wedding day is magical, and it is my job as a wedding day filmmaker to capture that magic and preserve it so that you may re-live it as often as you wish for the rest of your life.

Each couple has a story to tell, and every story is important to me.  Your story is important to me.  As my client you will receive a wedding day movie created specifically to remind you of how beautiful and unique you truly are.  You will feel incredibly special every time you watch your wedding day movie.

Check out for yourself Chris Moravec Cinematography and see why so many clients refer to it as by far the best value in wedding day filmmaking.  After reviewing the products and prices offered by Chris Moravec Cinematography, brides always seem to be mentioning that there is no longer any reason for a couple to not have a professional movie created of their once-in-a-lifetime day.  And I am available for travel, typically for no additional charge.

Simply e-mail me today and I will rush to you a free, no obligation at all example wedding day film on DVD so that you may view for yourself the quality of my work.

Allow me to share with you an e-mail recently received from a bride, Jill, whose wedding day movie I filmed and produced:  “Chris, we finally got a quiet moment to sit down and watch our wedding video, and we absolutely LOVED it.  Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.  You captured all of the right things and you made it so special.  Thank you also for getting video details of the things that we did not get to take in that day such as flowers, the cake, the candy table, the reception hall, and the cocktail hour…I could go on and on.  Many of the things you filmed were not captured in the multitude of photos we have.  Everything was done wonderfully and we are so glad that we hired you.  Absolutely money well spent.  We will cherish it forever!  Thank you again!!!  And thank you for so many copies, our families will definitely want them!  Take care!”

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Some wedding day filmmakers provide their clients with only an abbreviated version of events, condensing all of the activities of the day down to just 15-20 minutes or less and charge prices anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.  That is not my style.  Your special day is much more important than that and holds far too many moments that should not end up on the cutting room floor or be forgotten.  With the Perfect Package, for example, for just $995 my clients are provided a professional wedding day movie with coverage of the ceremony and reception that is typically nearly two hours in length and beautifully and elegantly edited.

After your wedding day has passed, your still photographs and your wedding day movie are essentially the only two tangible reminders of your special day that will live on for years to come.  Your wedding day movie should be one that is particularly memorable–one your spouse will truly love to watch with you, over and over again.  Your wedding day movie from Chris Moravec Cinematography will be a wonderful keepsake starring the two of you and your love for each other that both of you and also your future children will be able to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

People love their wedding day film when they can, by watching it, look back and see and experience again all of the invisible things they felt on that day.

Every couple is unique and each story is always beautifully different.  For me, it all evolves in a very organic way.  From the moment we first meet, I begin to see your movie.  Your personality and style begin to establish my framework for documentary and cinematic storytelling.

As the day unfolds, I look for unexpected moments, honest emotions, and small details that are filled with significance.  I approach your day in a very quiet and unobtrusive manner as I feel honored to share in your event.  This allows me time to focus and capture the essence of your day and the inner beauty that we all possess.

Filmmaking holds for me a way to bring focus to life, and drown out all the noise that distracts us.  I love all the amazing people and stories I have been able to see through this.  God has truly blessed me.

I would love hear about all that you have planned for your big day, and look forward to serving you in whatever way that I can.



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